" Fully qualified & highly knowledgeable in her work.

A punctual, clean and careful person. Her bubbly personality spreads to client and family "


" Cared for my husband with compassion and humour. A tower of support.

Honest, trustworthy, reliable, responsible and steadfast in an emergency. I'd have no hesitation in commending Shirley to future clients "


" Cared for my Mum who had dementia, and my dad was struggling and also needed help. Shirley was amazing not only with Mum and Dad, but with me too.

Her care, knowledge and compassion is second to none. "


" To Whom it may concern:

Shirley Mitchell was recommended to us when were needing a carer to look after my wife, Frances, occasionally giving me respite to do other things.

The relationship soon flourished as Shirley became a true friend and a very professional adviser to us both on things to do with Frances's social and medical challenges and needs.

The care system in Scotland is complicated, as is the NHS. Shirley has steered us through both, we are now confident that we are both getting appropriate support. "Let's ask Shirley" comes up regularly when we are discussing difficulties.

We have had a couple of real challenges in the last few months. Phone calls to Shirley resulted in "For goodness sake phone 999" on one, and "that's what the community alarm is for" on the other. And on both occasions Shirley, who seems to work all hours, has been at the door within a few minutes and sat with us until help arrived.

I worry about Frances and Frances worries about me. But those worries, both ways, are much reduced by knowing we have Shirley's support. On paper she comes two or three times a week to give me respite. but really she is always there to help, and the overall effect is to underwrite the quality of our lives."


" Well, what a treasure is to be found with Shirley.

She is competent, knowledgeable and has a mass of contacts.

She has made a huge difference to my life.

She arrives regular as clockwork and there is no "clockwatching", she stays as long as necessary and always does so with a smile on her face.

My life would have been impossible without her daily input, and she happily performs extra tasks not within her remit.

Shirley is a veritable gem. "

" I cannot recommend Shirley Mitchell enough.

When my husband became disabled earlier this year, she was invaluable at helping me access care. She provided me with contact numbers, and suggestions. Without her advice I would have found the whole process very difficult.

My husband was discharged from hospital too early with no help in place, but Shirley came immediately to theh rescue although not officially our carer at that time. From then on she has been a constant source of help and support.

She is unfailingly cheerful, positive and competent.

This has been an extremely difficult year for us and I am so grateful to have had Shirley on board to provide her invaluable carefriendship and care. "

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